Missed a live football match? There is no need to worry: Follow up with live updates on the go!


Today, sports is beyond just leisure, fun or physical activity. It is a career, a market, and even a religion. Sportspersons are celebrities, and it is a binding element on an international scale. Sport is a universal ingredient in all cultures, one that is not restricted by race or ethnicity. Sports is not just for the players, but also for the audience.

With such fanfare, people flock to stadiums to watch their favorite sports or are glued to their television screens or smartphones, to witness the live telecast of matches worldwide or attend certain football live event. But what if you are unable to watch the match due to circumstantial reasons? Especially for sports like football, which is normally gripping and unpredictable until the end, every second of the match is exciting.

Instances, where a bad internet connection or rain in your area disrupts the connection, can happen at any given point in time. The entire purpose of live streaming a match or a football live event is to aid you to live in the moment, with the excitement of the game. The tradition of leagues and the growing participation of many countries in football has ensured that an association football fan base is established in every part of the world. Also called soccer, football was first played in England over 2,000 years ago.

Since then, it has expanded to reach even the far-east countries of Japan, and down south to Africa and Australia. As a universal sport, Football franchises are world-famous and has proved to have a significant impact on society. People are obsessing over sports, especially kids and young adults, and in fact even elders, who enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with watching a single match. So then when so much is packed in just a duration of 45 minutes, what if you miss a live football match?

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Do not worry! Here provided is a walkthrough on how you can catch up on a missed live football match:

Watch Online

Football leagues have sold television rights to most of the countries worldwide. However, only a few official online sites can live relay a football match legally (not inclusive of live TV apps or sites). If you do not have access to TV, like when you are traveling, then you should visit the official league website to identify sites that stream live football match.  So if you are stuck somewhere and wondering “what should you do in this case then you can rely on various online platforms that stream the match live.

By paying some subscription fee, you can watch your favorite games as in when they are being played. It is a stadium in your phone screens.

Record live Match on Television

Most of the smart TVs these days come with an option of recording programs that you wish to see multiple times later. By being informed about the match schedule and fixtures, you can set your smart TV to record the entire live match for you to watch later. Though this isn’t exactly as watching a live match, it is an efficient way to see a match that you missed. The only drawback here is that TVs have a limited recording time, which should be kept in mind.

Match Highlights

It is a usual procedure to relay highlights post a match, that repeat over several days. One can even find highlights videos online. These highlights replay the most crucial or interesting parts of the match, and are normally not longer than 3-5 minutes, though it completely depends on the match.


Unlike earlier times, when highlights were relayed only during specific timings, there are endless internet forums that offer match highlights, league highlights and for all football fanatics, even yearly highlights! Curated videos revolving around specific teams, players, years, leagues etc. are all floating around in the cyberspace.  Fan-made videos are also a viewing possibility, though it is not official highlights and the authenticity is not guaranteed.

News and Newspaper

The most primitive way to catch-up on a missed live match is to read the newspaper that gets printed the next day. Often having a detailed layout of the match, it is efficient, though the excitement is not the same as watching a match. If you are a football fanatic, it is likely that you wouldn’t miss a match, but even if you did, then in this way, you can know the scores and review the charts. It is a very passive form of relaying sports.

A step further is online news sites that publish articles post the match. It is easier and quicker and is available almost within a few hours after the match.

In case you wish to know the scores as in when the match is being played, there is a solution for that as well. Most football fans, or any sports as such, prefer to know the live scores, as it eases their curiosity and keeps them up to date. Even if they can’t see the match, knowing what is going on, live, is compensation enough. Now you can get live scores of matches happening anywhere in the globe, right here on your phones.

NowGoal.eu is the diet for all you football junkies. With live scores, specially curated highlights and latest updates on anything regarding football, the online platforms has all the information available. With a clean and user-friendly interface, such online portals provide the latest info on matches, premier leagues, La Liga, Series, Champions League, and even indigenous leagues.

With such specialized sites fueling the zeal of football enthusiasts, it shall soon be a global phenomenon. It is evident that sports bring people closer. It is an opportunity for social interaction, whether it is the seamless crowds in stadiums, close circle in get-togethers or houses, or just you discussing the match on the phone with your friend. In fact, sports is so obsessive that people organize hangouts just to watch the matches together!

Hence, do not let the craze die. Do not miss out on the live updates, anytime, anywhere.

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