Advantages Of Buying A WOW Boost


There is no way to deny the fact that World Of Warcraft is still the most popular online MMORPG game out there. Many try to beat Blizzard but nobody ever does. It is completely normal to keep coming back to the game over and over again.

The problem with the game is the time that you need to invest in order to actually be really good at it and to reach the top of the leaderboards. Sure, not all people want that. However, reaching the level cap is something that is always needed.

This brings us to the possibility of buying a WOW boost. There are actually countless players out there that already bought one but most gamers do not actually know why this is so popular. Alternatively, they might have misconceptions like “Blizzard will ban me” or something like that.

The only disadvantage of buying a WOW boost is that you might not like the result. This is not because of the booster as he/she always delivers. For instance, you might boost a class to the maximum level and then hate playing it. Besides this, only advantages can be mentioned, like the following.

You Gain Time

For the average gamer, it can actually take around 2 months to fully level up a character. This is simply a whole lot of time. You already pay the game subscription so you might want to just enjoy the top content.

Usually, a character boost in WOW is done a lot faster by the professionals than what you would do. This is because they already know the best and fastest ways to do it.

The extra time that you gain can easily be used to do something else, like playing another game or learning tips and tricks from streamers about the class you get.

You Save Money

This is an advantage that is rarely noticed by players. The professionals level up really fast so you get access to the top content of the game in just a few days, as opposed to weeks when you play. All this time that you save instantly translates into money.

A full character boost costs around $30, without extra achievements. Compare this with the money you have to spend on food, electricity and your game subscription during the time you would level up your character. You will quickly figure out that you actually save money.

You Get Equipment And Achievements

When you choose what WOW boost you want, there are many extras that can be added to the level up purchase. For instance, you can get the full achievement for the toughest dungeons out there. Alternatively, you can have the top gear in the game on your character when the boost is over. Why not take advantage of this?


WOW boosting is not seen with good eyes by some but as you can clearly see, it is quite advantageous. Why not have a top-level character with all the best gear and the top achievements? It only makes your game experience a lot better. This is true for both PVE and PVP.

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