What’s the Speediest Way to Level in Wow?


If you are an old campaigner already, you probably know that you need to attack and kill as many enemies as possible to level up. However, to upgrade your character as soon as possible, you need to participate in numerous quests. The best place to start is by checking the Command Board. It contains all the information you need about your faction’s major cities.

Pro Tips on How to Get Bonus XP ASAP

There are a bunch of opinions on how to boost a character in WoW. Different players have access to different resources. Some of the methods will require you to use gold or a significant amount of time to reach the goal. You should develop a clear strategy that suits your playing style and helps your character reach the maximum level.

Use rested bonus wisely

Each exit from the system can provide your character with an additional bonus. While the character is resting, you can see ZZZ under its icon. The more time you spend relaxing, the more rewards you can accumulate. Every 8-hour break spent outside of the game will add up to 5% to your current level.

Don’t miss out on War Mode

If you activate War Mode, you can earn a 10% experience buff on a dime. Keep in mind that when choosing this mode, your character will have a PvP mark. In other words, enemies can attack you at any time in the game world. You can disable this mode while staying in areas like Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Team up with friends for maximum efficiency

Team play is an entirely new gameplay level that allows you to advance your character ASAP. One of the main benefits you can gain from playing with friends is an instant experience boost. Join your teammates, and you can catch a 50% experience buff in no time flat!

If it takes too long to upgrade your character, then maybe it’s time to turn to the Epiccarry platform. The worldly-wise gamers can quickly get your experience skyrocketed to the maximum with a 100% guarantee attached to their services.

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