Read about the difference in features that gaming apps and GetMega provides


Are you trying to find the best online gaming app with perfect features? Are you still scrolling down and getting tired of looking at reviews and trying to find the best and genuine app to play games online? Well, you should stop worrying as you are at the right place and we are going to tell you how you should choose the best gaming platform for your device and yourself.

You will also read how GetMega can be the right choice for you and how it provides some of the amazing features that gives it an edge over its competitors. For this, read the below GetMega vs competitors analysis and know more about it in detail.

A Brief Intro About GetMega

  • Getmega is an online gaming platform where you can play different online games like carrom, rummy, and poker, etc.
  • The app has 3 types of gaming categories and has multiple variants of games in each category.
  • Here, you will surely enjoy playing games online because of the top quality graphics and challenging level that will bring the best out of you.

Gaming features provided by GetMega

  • GetMega provides such amazing and unique features to play games online along with getting an opportunity to win attractive cash prizes by playing different types of games with your friends and family
  • You will also get a special feature like doing video calls while playing games online.
  • The user also gets the feature to view the leaderboard anytime when they want as it keeps getting updated on a real time basis.
  • GetMega has been certified by RNG and is an active member of All India Gaming Federation, making it a 100% secure platform for all the users.
  • When you will refer the app to your friends and family or even online on social media, you will get a chance to win an amazing bonus on reference and you can redeem that amount whenever you want.

Gaming features provided by other apps

 There are a lot of alternative apps to play various games online and you will get a better insight on GetMega vs competitors and will see how GetMega is a better gaming platform to enjoy and earn money online with the help of gaming apps.

Jungle rummy

  1. In this app, you can play rummy online with your friends and family.
  2. To get into the leaderboard in this game players have to qualify in different categories at different levels.
  3. The app has a simple user interface and you can play cash tournaments every day throughout the year by adding cash to your account.

Ludo cash

  1. You can play ludo games here; mostly 2-4 persons can play this game at a time.
  2. You can even pick players of your choice to play ludo games with them by looking at their leader board positions.
  3. There is a refer and earn program in this and you can easily withdraw that money to your bank account.

How to choose the right online gaming app

  • To choose the right gaming app, it will be better if you have a look at the comparison of GetMega vs competitors.
  • You have to see the variety of games the app is providing to you and how challenging the games are.
  • You also need to see the cash awards the game is providing, because earning real time money while having fun is a bliss in itself.


Though there are many online games playing apps, GetMega is very unique and it provides you an opportunity to earn real money, cashbacks, and also much more exciting rewards while playing for fun. When compared to GetMega vs competitors, you will surely enjoy playing different online games on GetMega. So, you can start playing from today and connect more with your friends and family

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