Perfect Exploring of Runescape Games


This guide is designed to do what you should and also to tell you what not. You have to do.Well first you must do everything they tell you to do, once finished you can do what you want and the most recommended are these ones. You can now buy osrs gp following the above mentioned instructions.

  1. Raise your level of combat and earn a little money: Well as you are a very low level you must first get a weapon in the general store or use the one you get when you finish the quest: The Blood Pact and then when you get it you start to kill cows and when the mates pick up their cowhide and when you fill your inventory you will leave them to the nearest bank in this case the 3rd floor of lumbridge castle and then continue killing until you have a level of attack, strenght and defense in 10 (only if you use melee)

Climb levels not of combat and then start earning money: Here are 3 options.

  1. Fishing and cooking: good here you go to a fishing shop and buy a small fishing net then you go south of lumbridge by the sea side until you see some bubbles and yes those bubbles you click right and you put the net option and you are fishing and if you have a log and a tinderbox you can make a bonfire with which you can cook the fish you caught and win exp in cooking and then you can start selling them and earn some money or eat them when you have little hp in battle.
  2. Woodcutting and firemaking: Well here firemaking is not used to earn money but it is a skill that can be raised with woodcutting, here you have to cut only simple logs and you have two options if you want to earn money, one is to cut the logs and then sell them, or the other is to cut them and then make bonfires with firemaking and when the fire is over collect the ashes that remain on the floor and then sell them (the best option is to only woodcutting but you gain less exp but you would earn a little more money depending on the tree that cuts).
  3. Mining and smithing: For me this is the best way to earn money in F2p but it takes a bit, what you have to do is start up mining mining copper and tin ores to then make bronze bars and then if you have a hammer do it the best thing you can as a bronze dagger or other better things until you have mining and smithing in lv 30 and there comes the time to make money making steel bars. To make a steel bar you need 2 coal (30 mining) and 1 iron ore (15 mining).

Explore the world of RuneScape: Well as the subtitle says explore all places like the grand exchange, varrock, falador, etc .

To do Quest: Well to be able to do this there are only a few quests that do not ask for requirements like the quest rune mysteries which at the end you can start using the skill runecrafting, but even this is not very recommendable since many quest ask for a certain level or more in a skill.

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