Bored With Board Games?: Fun things to do to entertain and educate kids with Slime


Are your kids bored with the drab board games you play with them? Have they begun to sulk and shy away from interacting with friends lately? Has family time become dreadfully routine? Well, that’s no surprise at all! Kids crave imaginative and entertaining ideas for fun and play. So, here’s some great news: Using slime for kids playtime can add some sparkle and glitter to their day – and yours too. And we mean that figuratively and literally too!

Endless Fun with Original Ideas

Give a child a crayon and a blank sheet of paper. What do you get? They get lots of fun doodling and scribbling…all day! And you get an original, creative, masterpiece that you’ll treasure all your life. And that’s exactly what sliming with kids is all about too. By the time you’re finished for the day, you and your kids will have created individual pieces of “artwork”, and they’ll have fun and learn in the process.

Here are two fun ideas to try:

  • Bubbling Fun: Take your kid’s favorite slime, flatten it out like a pancake, and then wrap it around a plastic straw. Then, ask them to blow into the straw. Watch their eyes widen as the slime bubble grows. While enjoying their play, they’ll also learn a valuable science lesson about expansion and resistance – the thicker the slime, the tougher it gets to expand it.
  • Painting Fun: Adults can join in on this one too! Spread your slime out, like a blank piece of canvas, and use erasable paints (water-based) to start your kids creating whatever fancies them. The more imaginative, the better. Stretch the slime, and then watch it go back to its original size, and watch the paintings change too. Using this project with slime for kids, you can teach them important lessons on elasticity and optical illusions – things may not always seem what they are initially!

Because of its amazing qualities, you can use slime for other projects too, including creating alphabets, numbers, and everyday objects. All fun things to do, and excellent teaching activities.

Buying the Right Slime

While you may come across several online recipes to make slime, you’ll likely never match the quality, attractiveness, scent, and texture of readymade slime. That’s because slime manufacturers online have perfected the art and science of creating amazing arrays of slime products. You can start using these marvels right out of the box – no need to mix ingredients or to waste time in prep work.

Additionally, if you buy slime for kids from a reputable manufacturer, you can also get add-ons and accessories, as well as an assortment of slime kits that come with a variety of pre-packed products. From glitter and sparkles, to sprinkles and air-tight containers. Depending on the activities your kids love, just bring out a product, and start having fun with slime. It’ll not just add more fun to their playtime, but it’ll also enhance the quality of your family time with the kids.

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