3 Tips For Valorant Players That You Cannot Miss As A Beginner


Valorant is finally released globally and thousands of players have already set foot in its gaming world. The high level format makes this multiplayer shooting game all the more exciting and enjoyable.

However, if you have not had much experience in the past for such a dynamic shooting game and are feeling overwhelmed then you can seek aid of valorantaimbot to get a grip. There are tons of Valorant hacks available that can boost up your opportunities of winning.

However, if you are someone new to this tactical first shooter game then learning a few tricks will help you. You can get the hang of this new hero shooter gameplay with these tips.

Continue to read till the end to find out some essential tips that can help you as a beginner.

1. Refrain from reloading often

What most beginners can’t help doing is refrain from loading the guns after an enemy kill. As most players feel the urge to reload their guns that might cause you to become a target.

In Valorant, the players are able to kill the opponent with just one bullet. Players are supposed to hunt down the enemies in pairs. So, after just one kill expect to get another peeking enemy.

If you are reloading your gun after a single kill then chances are the other enemy from the pair may attack you. Hence, resist to reload and kill them all before making that decision.

A simple tip like this may save you for a long run in Valorant. You can always reload the guns when you reach a safe place at the game. Until then make sure to hold your fire and take the aim of your opponent with a single bullet.

2. Placement of Crosshair

You may feel that you cannot take your aim precisely at your enemies. However, that’s not something odd as most of the beginners suffer this issue when they are playing a first-person shooter game like Valorant.

What you can do to improve your aim is to focus on crosshair placement. It is one of the most overrated yet extremely effective tricks to accelerate the time-to-kill. So the next time you are online with your partner on Valorant make sure you keep your focus on crosshair all the time.

A pro tip for you, whenever you are heading toward a door or holding at an angle, make sure to point the crosshair at an angle of your opponent’s head. This will help you take control of the crosshair placement.

3. Taking a step backward

This one might be one of the most vital tricks that you must learn as a beginner player of the Valorant. Whenever there comes a situation when two opponents are securing their positions at an angle, the one who is further back will be having the upper hand here.

It is because the one who is holding a further back angle will be able to view the opponent’s shoulder or arm first. Therefore, giving that particular player the opportunity to take the aim properly.


The above listed tricks are few ways with the help of which you can improve your play in Valorant. As you gain more experience you can also include some cool hacks such as valorantaimbot and others to up your chances of winning.

However, until then make sure you practice the above listed tricks while you are taking aims in the game. These simple tricks will be extremely crucial for you and make you reach the next gaming level easily.

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