The Interesting Benefits and Drawbacks of Gambling in Korea


Korea is a country with the highest rate of gambling in the world.

Many Koreans have a passion for high-stakes betting and casinos, which stems from Korea’s long history going back to ancient times.

The 5 Benefits of gambling in Korea:

  1. Korean gamblers can gamble with the best
  1. Korean casinos have won more than $100m in international gambling awards, proving their high quality.
  1. This means that they offer an alluring gambling experience to foreigners – as well as locals.
  1. Foreigners are often impressed by Korean culture and its offerings because it is unique from what they know back home. And for Koreans, this creates a sense of pride about being able to play at such prestigious establishments where other people may not be allowed or welcomed.
  1. It also offers services like English-speaking staff members who will help any foreigner navigate the casino should there be problems during gameplay. This makes Korea one of the few countries worldwide with legalized casinos where you can gamble with the best. Play casino games online at 메이저사이트.

The Two Drawbacks of gambling in Korea:

  1. Gambling is illegal in South Korea, but Koreans can still gamble by going across borders and playing at casinos that have been legalized for foreign citizens only. This creates a dilemma because gambling is illegal, but it’s so easy to do.
  1. Punishment for gambling can be harsh in Korea, which may deter some people from participating. These include a higher tax rate and fines up to $30,000 or three years of imprisonment.

The good news is that Korean gamblers are not usually prone to addiction, with only 0.15% addicted compared to 0.53% in China and a staggering 24.97% addicted in Canada, but that is not to say it doesn’t happen at all.

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