Best tips for the FIFA series


The most important thing in football is that you need goals to win games. You need to have a good defense and an attack to be a consecutive winner.

 To make your defense and attack unmatchable there are some tips that you must focus on. So I’m going to tell you about some of the most effective tips for the FIFA series.

Take your time

One of the main things with Fifa is when you have got the kickoff you need to take your time and keep the ball.

The worst thing you can do is giving the ball straight away to your opponent because if that happens, the turnover could cost you the match so take your time. Don’t rush toward the opponent in the beginning.

Take some time to adjust your players and then try to strike them. If you try to rush just when after the kickoff you may get fail and give the ball in opponent hands.

Time finishing

The primary type of finishing in FIFA 19 is the time finish which if you get it right you can get a goal through it. The important thing with time finishing is greening the shot that increases your chances so much more.

Even if you are at yellow or orange mark, there are still a lot of better chances to get a goal than a standard shot which shows how great time finish is. So if you want to take your game to the next level, the time finishing is essential.

It not as hard as people think it is. You need to power up your shot, and press the button as the player is making contact with the ball. You need to watch your players while making contact with the ball and press the right button at the right time.

Move your keeper

You need to move our keeper. This is essential to improve your defense. When you keep on moving your goalkeeper, the opponent gets confused, and he will find it different to score a goal against you.

 If you don’t move your keeper and you are playing against a relatively decent FIFA player, you are going to lose the game. The best way to move the keeper is clicking your right stick on the controller and moving it side to side.

You can move right, left or down and you need to guess where your opponents are going to hit. But make sure you don’t move the keeper very far from the goal because it will become easy for your opponent to score goals in that condition.

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You need to master some skill like Neymar Rainbow Flick, Iniesta’s La Croqueta and many others, in order to compete with a competitive opponent.

You can use these skill all over the pitch to create some angles, to make passes and to make the perfect goal when you need.  Like to make the Neymar Rainbow Flick move, you need to press Flick LS down or flick RS up twice on your PS4 controller, or Flick LS down, flick RS up twice on your Xbox controller.

To do Iniesta’s La Croqueta move, you need to Hold L1 or hold RS left/right for PS4 or Hold LB, press RS left/right on your Xbox controller.

 The famous New Ball Flick Up need to press Press R3 while running. These skills are not very much easy to do, but you can do a lot of different things with these skill ones you master them.


Player positioning is critical in Fifa. If you don’t want your opponent to score quickly, or if you’re going to score a goal against your opponent easily, make a proper positioning of your player.

Make sure not to give many gaps to your opponent so that he can score goals. Focus on every single movement of your opponent and try to dodge them with your skills.

Position your player in the right position so that the opponent should find it difficult to score a goal against you. The more you give a tough time to your opponent to more you will love the game.

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