【Game Review】A magical paradise full of cuteness, nature and passion


Drag items, three into one, five into two! The entire island’s flowers, plants, birds, monsters, insects, fish, huts, and all kinds of wonderful miracles are waiting for you to help them merge and evolve, let everyone gets stronger and stronger together!

If you like decompression puzzle games, you can run a beautiful garden with your fingers, then Merge Go Must not be missed! This mobile game integrates multiple gameplay methods such as collection, synthesis, challenge, and adventure, giving you more enjoyment in your leisure time.

★ Players who like collecting will enjoy it! Thousands of items, Collection of illustrations, random task triggering, and rich event rewards! Any DIY in the main scene land, collecting, building, miracle, or leading the monsters to fight, satisfy any fantasy about your homeland.

★ Mysterious stages, unexpected encounters with surprises: Nearly a thousand levels are different, how to solve the problem in the “fog”? You can use your great brain!

★ Start fighting freely: Join the Union with your partners and kill the evil Boss, or go to the neighbor’s garden to steal resources, shortcuts to become more powerful can be seen everywhere!

★ Fun gameplay, share with each other: global players gathered here, whether you are a novice or hidden master, you can find the hard-core strategy you want in the union chat, and meet the people you want to meet.

★During leisure time, you might as well break into this harmonious ecological nature. you will find that every minute and every second in the game is fulfilling and rewarding slowly!

If you are also willing to join the exploration of this magical world, please come to Merge Go and enjoy it with all explorers.

【Download on Ios&Android】https://app.adjust.com/idis3cd 

Enter the exclusive gift code ” 2Rhino” in Merge Go to receive your unexpected gift, give it a try!

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